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OCT 30   Quick update  ( I apologize- it has been brought to my attention that the 1st audio post did not come out- I HAVE NOW RE recorded it  Sorry for the inconvenience)   Please RIGHT CLICK the link below -select open in a new tab & another tab will open , look for & click  "DOWNLOAD" Then just click "OPEN" - when you hear my voice, return and follow the charts  New Link   right click here   SPX oct 30   GDX ...   Read More

Something Doesnt Fit

OCT 29   FED DAY    Yes, I'll admit it!  1. I saw many charts that are set up rather nicely the DAY of the FED mtg 2. It DOSNT FIT what I usually see on  what is known as  a messy, indecisive & volatile FED DAY 3. But That was a stretch using that title just so I could use this picture of the Trooper Dog.  I just think this pic is great   Starting with the Markets-  SPX    click here - click 'download' then click 'open'  (when you hear audio, return here and follow charts)   SPX RALLY   Read More