Whats Ahead?

We finally got an interest rate hike out of one of the 2015 Fed Meetings.  It appears that various market sectors  seemed to like what they saw. Lets review...


SPX - The SPX looks Bullish, but I do want to share both a bullish and also a bearish version.

SPX 12-16

This is the bearish version...

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Is It Fed Wednesday Again?

On a day like today it feels like there is so much to say, yet what can be said? Lets do something a little different today.  lets look at what happened on OCT 28, the last Fed Mtg.


SPX- After Janet finished speaking, the SPX closed higher (Red Arrow). It paused for 2 days, and then had 2 more up days and that was The Top. That Fed Wednesday was exciting, but it was rather short lived when you look back at it.


This is interesting...

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What’s The Big reveal?

In case one couldn't tell , "It's A Fed Thing".   I thought that maybe it would be a little quiet leading up to the Fed declaration on Wednesday and then we'd see a little fireworks, but its a Fed Thing.  Things started shaking up long before Wednesday.   Lets take a look.


SPX WKLY -  from the weekend report, the weekly looks a bit bearish.

SPX WKLY 12-11

SPX DAILY - from the weekly report. I did mention that we could bounce off of support, but will it get that far?


Todays reversal looked quite convincing, so has my thinking changed?

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