Lets Wrap It Up!

Since I have 32 charts in this wkend report, lets just get right to  the weekend wrap up and discuss future possibilities, shall we?

Feb 25 - I felt that the NASDAQ  is close to a 'rest' here or near 5000, and then pull back.

NAZ Feb 25

Does that mean it's done and going to fall apart, or just a small pullback, maybe even sideways move ?...

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If you've been reading here at Chartfreak for any period of time, you know that I really do try to listen to what the charts are telling me and leave any 'bias' out of the equation. We dont fall in love with certain ideas or stocks, we dont look at all things through rose colored glasses,  and this helps us to  remain flexible.  With that in mind, I wrote a mid-day  update yesterday alerting my readers to some changes I was seeing. Lets examine what changed and what else we may see changing soon.  I posted this chart of GOLD -

GOLD broke out of a downtrend that I had been watching . I said that I became a buyer of Miners...


This doesnt indicate a long term trade is guaranteed, so let me point out a couple of reasons why it may or may not be...

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I want to share with you what I am watching in the Gold & Miners arena

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