2:45 P.M. Nov 13.   (I apologize for the late "Alert" , the auto Email alert system apparently was down when I posted this)   Many have asked that I occasionally show what I watch during the day  and post here.  I don't want to watch and report on every little wiggle, but there are interesting things to look at . Especially since this mornings report I showed a possible stab at a lower low still fitting the cycle counts & Elliot wave ,etc let me show you quickly what I am watching.  it is more bearish for Gold Miners, far GDX and GDXJ  do remain above the 10sma on a daily chart  (not shown) .  So these are the intra-day wiggles that I look at.  More charts / less words here so I can post quickly . GOLD looks fine  (so far) ...many shake outs , but regains support areas.  (Click to enlarge) GOLD AGAIN   If  "MINERS LEAD"..are they holding up ok?  They remain above the 10sma so far,  BUT...   Read More

Nervous? Heres a different perspective

Mid day update /  Miners selling off  writing at 12:05 p.m. When I start seeing a sell off in Miners after I feel that I've done all my homework , I dont panic - I just need to look and see what might be happening. What (if anything) should limit the sell off? Is it normal? is it ugly or extreme?  So lets review a couple of quick charts that I threw together and see where we might be .  First off, GOLD is not selling off , but are Miners leading? What do I look for with GOLD?   GOLD  (Click to enlarge)   GOLD NOV 12   So Gold is holding up, what about Miners? Are they shaking some out, or are they about to collapse?...   Read More

It isnt pretty, but the set up seems to be

Nov 12   10:00 A.M. Eastern       I am pretty focused on the Metals & Miners recently, but If you missed the run up in COAL and wanted to get in, it may be setting up for another leg up after a recent pause. These 3 charts show that the recent pullback is nearing support and could offer a low risk entry, because your stop is safely below support areas. WLT   And also ....   Read More