GOLD PART 1 – In Search Of A Bottom

  I believe that Gold is in a 3 phase bull market, with 2 phases already behind us.  After a 4+ yr bear market, there are finally solid signs of a bottom , in many different areas.   There is no gain in clinging to a bias, that is how one loses money in the markets,  but by gathering important relevant facts  you can develop a check list and watch as necessary things begin falling into place ( or not).   JUST THE FACTS.   Currently I see things falling into place, indicating  that  THE bottom is either already in place, or very close. This bear market may be coming to an end,  and catching the recent lows has already been very profitable.  Riding a renewed Bull will be very rewarding.  We will look at " Just the facts"  here in our extended weekend report. To the charts...


First a review of recent bullish expectation in Miners: 


REVIEW- In the last 2 weekend reports we watched the HUI & GDX in the bigger time frame. This is a monthly chart of HUI, on the edge of an important break out. It has spent 6 MONTHS at the lows,  a solid base on prior support. Today the HUI is near $150.  A break out.


  GDX  reversed from below  $12.50 and also looked ready to break out above from a 7 month base. Above $15-$16 is important.  It is now at $17 as of Feb 5. 🙂


We need to look at a lot more than just the Miners and Precious Metals, however. Currencies come into play, along with a variety of other influences, so we'll examine the Metals now, historically , and other factors that can indicate where we are in the process of a 3 phase bull market...

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Something To Cheer About

Yes , It's a Supberbowl weekend in the U.S., but there is something more to cheer about. I am currently doing several studies with very bullish implications for the GOLD & SILVER market. My readers know several of the things that I've been tracking for months, and there are other areas that I look into also. Right now I see things that indicate ... Well, I'll leave that for the weekend report. Right now look at these 2 charts. 


The HUI has had bear mkt rally after bear market rally since 2012, but each 'cycle' could not surpass the last one from low to high.  THIS CHART is a first, and it is just 1  sign of change to cheer about.




My weekend report will likely be released by late Sunday night or Monday morning, and it will be filled with facts that will build your confidence that finally we could be seeing the Bear Market Lows, expectations, price projections, etc.  : )

Lets look at some of our trade ideas for now....

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Is That Toast You Have There?

2 Charts of the $USD - Can you believe that I drew this drop in the dollar a week ago? It was based on the first drop that took place in early December.  Lets look at the dollar as of yesterday.

USD 1-26

$USD Wednesday - This may be a piece of toast and what might that do for Gold?

USD 2-3

Let me give you a quick idea ...

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