Oh That Light Volume Trading

We had a little bit of selling & volume in The miners today , so instead of a morning report Tuesday, I wanted to post some thoughts tonight. I started getting some questions about things as the day went forward. Nothing wrong with that, it is expected.  I had mentioned possibly seeing light volume holiday trading and by noon, we had some selling in Miners.  I posted this chart Mid-Day  before the selling really started to escalate, to point out some similarities to a prior sell off .


  Selling increased from that point on, so what Now?

  GDX DEC 22  

Lets take a closer look at all things cycles and technical analysis ...

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I just wanted to post this before the close

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Not Much Has Changed

This week is usually a lighter volume  / traders going on vacation - holiday week of trading. Not much has changed from Fridays report.  Things really have to play out further to confirm our expectations or to change them. In other words...not much has changed.  We experienced another peoriod of selling similar to what we had in Oct. Many twondered if the Sell off would end the year ugly and then suddenly ,  right on time ...


QQQ wkly


Its a strong reversal on a weekly basis and take a look at the next chart...

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