It gets mesmerizing & hypnotic if you stare at it too long.   Yes, the picture above, but also the Metals and miners markets.  I wanted to just pop in intra-day and address a few thoughts,  I am getting some "Concerns" about Miners dropping even lower here.    Yes, GDX is lower and Miners look weak, but in a drop to a daily cycle low...that is what fools everyone.  Let me show you 3 charts that can help us to gain confidence.

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Comfortable- But Never Overly Relaxed

  Right now I am comfortable with the present information indicating that we did see an ICL in Early November. It also appears that when we look at Gold and Miners, they  have moved forward in what is likely going to be a "Right Translated"  daily cycle.  There is no way to KNOW this ahead of time, but what This means is  that it "Peaks" its highest point in that Daily Cycle more than halfway through it. That also means that it will break to new highs once it has found its daily cycle low and reverses higher.  So while I am comfortable that things are still lining up properly... I never like to get Overly Comfortable. The markets can do anything , so we stay alert .  Lets examine what the Gold/ Silver/ Miners are looking like after last week, and then discuss a few other things.


Gold On Friday after the jobs report ended like this -


Notice this important fact about Gold ...

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Jobs Report

Today we get the Friday Jobs Report.   Yes...FRIDAY! If you've followed my reports for the past 4  Fridays, it has been a day for GOLD shake outs. This is GOLD as I start writing, we might as well expect some shaking . Looking at this chart , however, You can see that a drop below the bottom trend line  (& later a recovery) would just be more noise.

  DEC 5 gold    

We are also anticipating a Daily Cycle Low, so a drop in GOLD and Miners is possible, but should lead to a higher low.   REMEMBER - Daily Cycles can last 20  + days ...

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