Something Doesnt Fit

OCT 29   FED DAY    Yes, I'll admit it!  1. I saw many charts that are set up rather nicely the DAY of the FED mtg 2. It DOSNT FIT what I usually see on  what is known as  a messy, indecisive & volatile FED DAY 3. But That was a stretch using that title just so I could use this picture of the Trooper Dog.  I just think this pic is great   Starting with the Markets-  SPX    click here - click 'download' then click 'open'  (when you hear audio, return here and follow charts)   SPX RALLY   Read More

Looking Below The Surface

Oct 24,2014        At times, things arent always as they appear on the surface.  You may have to dig a little deeper to find out whats really there. Thats what I am attempting to do in the Precious metals mkts. Yesterday about an hour into trading I was watching Miners break down to new lows. Again the message boards lit up with "New Lows, that means we are going a lot lower" and "Going short here, much lower prices ahead".  For me, something hasn't "Felt" right about that, so I knew that I had to dig deeper and see if I could reconcile the problem that I was having. The problem goes back to a prior report  where I pointed out that I was getting signals for a "Meaningful Low" in Gold (An ICL).  In fact,  since that report, GOLD has been acting correctly, running up to the 50sma and stalled just like MAY LOWS, but the MINERS have NOT been keeping up. NOTICE that GOLD Lows here have been like the TWIN of MAYs Meaningful  LOWS (ICL). So to me...LOWS IN GOLD WERE IN.   AUDIO click here / then click  'download' / click 'open' & then come back to this page when you hear the report to follow the charts   $GOLD   The problem with everyone going short yesterday was what I had noted in other reports too...   Read More

A Closer Look

OCT 22, 2014  Lets just take a closer look at a few Market details from here... (Apologies, Audio will be back soon)   $GOLD looks so much like those meaningful MAY lows to me. Runs up, tags the 50sma , slam down Then recover. SO I would expect the slam down today.   GOLD OCT 21   Interestingly, GDX looks much more like the meaningful lows in DEC   Read More