Tuesday, April 3rd – A Look At Some Future Ideas

This is going to be a relatively short report, with some market coverage and some charts of individual stocks too.  The reason is that honestly,  our expectations  from the very long weekend report and last week have not changed with Mondays action.  Let's take a look...


SPX -  We now have a day 34 Low.  Our cycle count for this daily cycle is maturing, we will be looking for the next DCL  or an ICL to arrive soon.  The Feeb Lows were not taken out at this point. Reminder:  If we are to  drop into an ICL, that drop  can cascade sharply, so I have been admonishing the readers here that we wait patiently wait with Cash for a DCL.  A recovery here could become a 'shake out" in the 200sma.

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Another Big Picture View

We usually do a Big Picture view on the weekend report, but we leave more of the short term details to the daily reports.  In this weekend report, the Big Picture may take on a bit more importance.  Why? Because as March ended,  along with the daily details of the Mid week reports,  we now have the end of the Week, the end of The Month of March,  and The End of the 1st Quarter of the year.

So let's take a BIG PICTURE view along with a few close up daily charts and see if anything stands out...

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