Feb 28th – Reminders

 Market chop, Pop & Drop. Let's review the markets with an occasional reminder thrown in there too...


SPX   - These markets may eventually  "get over it" , but so far they seem to have something against the New Fed Chairman.  It could be his discussing 3-4 interest rate hike plan for 2018.  Read the chart. So far this is a day 11 gap fill above the 50sma,  let's look at the NASDAQ...

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Feb 27th – Tuesdays Ideas

Since the weekend report, we are seeing what was expected out of the General Markets & Oil, so I am going to get right to a few other areas first, and then I will have a couple of Stock Picks to consider.

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Feb 24th Weekend Report

With recent market volatility and a potential V-Type Bottom in place in the General Markets, I wanted to review the current markets, but along with that, I will also have a separate 'lesson' at the end of the report.  It will address why it is a set up to play long out of those lows, but it is also prudent to proceed with caution.  Why use the trailing stop?


SPX DAILY - Day 9 and the SPX closed above the 50 sma Friday.  Many here bought this reversal off of the 200sma when it was mentioned 2 weeks ago, and after stalling for a week in a bull flag,  it looks like it may give additional follow through next week.

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Friday – Carrying A Lighter Load

As mentioned in yesterdays report, I find that as each day goes by I have taken profits and lightened the load a little bit  since buying the reversal low in Miners.  I am doing this until the volatility, and thus the short term uncertainty, passes.  Let's review the markets again...


SPX REVIEW AGAIN -  Feb 6th I pointed out that Markets may drop a-b-c style to the 200 sma, and then flounder around trying to form a base.

NASDAQ -  That went for the NASDAQ & DOW too, as seen here...

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February 22 – No Straight Path

SPX - REMINDER:  2 weeks ago I showed how the Markets can base build after such a sharp drop & added volatility.  I mentioned that they may  drop to the 200sma in an  A-B-C type drop and then even go sideways.  SPX actually did drop to that 200sma after I posted this ,  so this may be base building.  See the next chart...

SPX - So far, the above pattern is playing out. Drop to the 200sma and now we wait and see.

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Yay Or Nay? Wednesday Fed Minutes Release

Today is the release of the Fed minutes.  At times we get the same reaction that we saw when the Fed Decision was released, and other times we get the opposite, so that is todays question...what will todays Fed Minutes bring? It shouldn't be as bad as THAT guy thinks, but it is worth paying attention if you are rather heavily invested.


SPX -  The markets pulled back a bit on Tuesday, but after that strong 6 day blast higher, the pull back was minimal.

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I have done a little more digging, looking for the best way to answer your questions. I think that you'll be happy with much of what I have found...

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Friday – More Than Just A Few Sprouts

Earlier this week I wrote a report entitled 'Sprouts', indicating that things were settling down and buying opportunities were sprouting up. Here we are at Friday,  the last day of the week, and things are really shaping up now. Let's take a look...

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Thursday 15th – Rocket Launch

Wednesdays CPI report showed that inflation came in a little hotter than expected.  Hot enough to light a fuse in some cases.  Let's review our markets...

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After Monday and Tuesdays trading, we are currently seeing 'sprouts' of growth but we're  still also  waiting for some stronger follow through, so let's discuss this stage of our growth...

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