Weekend report – See No Evil

This week has been another active week in the markets, lets see if all is good, shall we?


SPX DEC 1st - Expecting a dip to a 1/2 cycle low, this bearish rising wedge was pointed out and is now playing out. Could it drop to 2160?


SPX WKLY -  I think that it could.


Here is something to keep an eye on that looks a tad more bearish than the S&P ...

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I have what I would consider to be some good news! The only problem is, the good news may also be a little bad news.

Let's take a look...

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Nov 30 – Waiting For The Final Flush?

Yes, I'm talking about Gold again...

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11-30 Lining Up

It seems that many things within the market structure are lining up again. Let's take a look...


SPX - We did get our initial burst higher out of the anticipated lows as shown on the 2 charts below.


This was Oct 31 - Anticipating the trade-able low


SPX now - We got the lows and the initial run higher, but will it continue? Notice how the 13 SMA affected the first run. The 2nd run tagged it and then crawled sideways for weeks.  No good trade resulted Long or Short for months last summer, and that may happen again. It can still be bought or held above that 13 sma.

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Nov 28th – What’s Next?

When you look at the flowers in the above picture, you cannot really tell what the future will hold at this point. It is hopeful as we begin to see growth, but the surrounding conditions are difficult. Will it remain too dry for growth or will some refreshing rains begin to nurture it? And even if all of the conditions exist for solid growth, will it avoid being trampled on? 

What does this have to do with the Precious Metals market? We'll  compare this flowers future with the dry conditions that we've seen in that sector lately and discuss future prospects.

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Nov 26th Weekend Report

There are many things to keep an eye on going forward, lets take a look.

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This is a Friday update on the Precious Metals Sector

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Is It Really Moving?

Sometimes things are moving so slowly that you can't believe that they are even moving at all. Well, We've seen this in the Precious Metals Sector over the past few days, but with the release of the Fed Minutes Wednesday, that just might change.

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A Balanced View

It's a holiday week in the U.S., and Monday didn't bring much in the way of change since the weekend report.   On Wednesday we do have the release of the Fed Minutes however, and that may be the catalyst that we are looking for in one area. 🙂 To the charts...


SPX - The S&P broke to new highs. I was thinking that it will take a rest, but have you seen the IWM? It looked similar to the S&P now, but it is just continuing higher each day. We may pull back soon, but it is also possible that light holiday trading may just keep it floating higher ( See the IWM). If that happens, it may be on the following week that we see a consolidation or a pullback.

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Leaving Bias At The Door

Whenever we are examining the markets, we really need to try to leave any 'Bias' that we may have aside to see things clearly. That doesn't mean you have to just accept how things look at a glance, however. Dig in, do research, and find the underlying factors that are there. I have done very well investing in a way that is contrary to what others are seeing and posting, so while being objective and leaving bias at the door, let me show you some of the things that I am looking at this weekend.


SPX - The SPX is attempting to make a break out to new highs, as the DJIA has. We do see a rising wedge forming, and this usually ends with a pullback. Notice the red arrows and the stochastics on this chart. We should pull back soon.


SPX WKLY -  A bullish burst from the lows, with great volume as expected.  This was a move from an ICL.


IWM - New highs here too. So far a very good trade out of the ICL.

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