Nov 2 – Fed Wednesday Again

  There is not going to be much new to discuss here until after the Fed on Thursday. We are in the middle or late in various daily cycles, but we can review how things are playing out so far. 


SPX  Tuesdays report -  I was pointing out that I an expecting a drop


SPX -  We got the market drop, but then it reversed going into the close, so we have a reversal candle. With a Fed day Wednesday I wouldn't put my trust in it yet.  I did expect a deeper drop.

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Oct 31 – A Closer Look

We had a huge weekend report, and so what possibly could be said only 1 day later? Well, I have 14 charts in this report to help us to take a closer look at things, because this is a Fed Week.  To the charts...


SPX - I want to say that there is no change from my expectations over the past several weeks. We didn't go long or short, because these sideways markets can just waste time and chop up funds. We are due for a dcl ( possible ICL) , so I do expect a bit more of a drop to a new low, not a move higher yet.  We have Fed Wednesday ahead.

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