Learning Obedience ?

I have learned over the years that you never win when you try to tell the markets what to do. It is best to be patient and listen to what the markets want to do... being patient and less forceful  can help  keep one from  getting bitten . With that in mind, I have a lot to look at in the weekend report, Equities, Natgas, Oil, Energy stocks, Gold & Miners , etc so ...To The Charts!

After shorting the trading range a couple of times at the tops with TZA  , I posted this Friday Morning


I wanted to watch things here and even though the markets did reverse into the close and started to head down, I still didnt take the short side. Let me show you why...

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Friday , one last day in the trading week.   'Friday reports' are often not necessary,  unless something has changed. For the most part , Tuesday ,Wednesday, and Thursdays report still apply , but there are a few noteworthy developments , and today we have JOBS REPORT FRIDAY , released at 8:30 A.M. Eastern time , so let me just cover a few things.

 I posted this yesterday


I had been shorting the blue arrows and selling 1/2 at the lows. It was fun while it lasted , but I said I was closing that position, some things looked different...

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The website went down and my apologies for this report being released a little late, thank you for your patience! I had so much to cover, so I am going to try to write less and allow the charts to speak for themselves, feel free to ask questions in the comments section if you need my help...I will be available on & off today. To the charts...

QQQ -  Same ole same ole.


I had been shorting the top ( adding TZA) and  closing half at the lows,  also watching the 50sma. I closed out this position , but may add if we reverse & drop lower again.   It is still unclear which way this will eventually break,  here is why...

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