Stretching It Out

The various sectors of the markets continue to chug along and stretch out, ahead of the FED this week. The Fed Minutes are released Wednesday.  Obviously since the weekend report was posted,  not a whole lot has happened, but lets review our expectations anyway.

. SPX- An idea from the weekend report.  A pullback similar to the OCT -Nov run higher.

SPX 4-1

I captured this chart of the SPX Midday today. Notice...

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Here at Chartfreak,  we have always discussed the day to day market movements,  trade set ups, and the bigger picture where things seem to be heading as time goes by.  So in this weekend report, lets discuss the various sectors of the markets again, short term and the Big Picture scenarios. 


SPX QUARTERLY - If you were subscribing back in January, you may recall this chart.  I was pointing out the break below certain critical areas at prior tops never recovered, and I said we would watch these Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly.


April 1 – Jobs

The Jobs report was released and I dont really see anything that I didn't expect at this point. Since it is the last trading day of the week, I'm just here to do a quick review.


SPX -  This was the chart in the Thursday report. I expected a pullback with that toppy candle Wednesday. It may not be a huge pullback, I do expect another run higher in the next daily cycle.

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