Gold, Silver, and Energy stocks have been bottoming and some have begun adding nice %-Gains already. I had warned that if we didn't take a position, it might get very hard to do so. Why?  We might see what is known as an Island Bottom. A Gap open higher that may not fill.  I used this chart yesterday to point that possibility out.

GDX 8-11 3

Lets review some charts of Gold, Silver, and Energy stocks for potential entries...

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Looking Ahead

Mid day thoughts...

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A Step In The Right Direction

I was very happy to see the steps that the Metals and OIL markets took as the day went on. We will discus those steps in detail further on in the report, but first lets take a look at one of the major players in todays movement. 


USD - many were saying how strong the DOLLAR was looking, but I was writing that it looked weak internally, since mid July. This should bode well for Commodities.

USD 8-7

Notice the next chart of the Dollar...

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