Was That Smoke & Mirrors?

Did you see the Dollar rocket higher 1.38 and not  send Gold, Silver, and the Miners to their knees? Silver and Miners actually closed higher, so that was like a crazy illusion.  And then AMZN reported a profit and shot up $70 in after hrs, MCD, GOOG,  and MSFT are up big in after hrs after the markets already broke out higher today. Lets check out the action...


SPX -  The SPX , DJIA, and NASDAQ broke out today, but the BIIB, IWM & IWC  lagged seriously. 

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Slight Variations

Did you read my Tuesday report and the Wednesday report? Not much has changed in the way of expectations really.  We could say that we are  just seeing a slight variation of the same theme.

Wednesday morning I pointed out the resistance above at the close on Tuesday for the   NASDAQ, SPX, IWM, etc.   Even though the Futures were Green, I thought that we would drop later in the day.

NASDAQ Tuesday OCT 20

NASDAQ 10-20

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The Coin Toss

Many sectors of the market look ready to break one way or the other. Can we gain an edge as to which way they will go, or is it just a coin toss? Lets take a closer look.


This was the NASDAQ at the close on Monday. It was pushing against resistance in various forms.

NASDAQ 10-19

Notice what seems to have showed up by the close today...

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