Peace Of Mind

There are times in the markets when the next short term direction is a little hazy, though the longer term view seems fairly certain.  Lets face it, when one is invested , any uncertainty  can cause one to get anxious while holding positions, especially if there is any volatility. So what can be done to find peace Of Mind under such circumstances? Lets review the various markets and then answer that question.

QQQ- The 1st target in the Nasdaq was met  ( 5000) , and now a  drop is likely.


The Nasdaq has plenty of room to drop, even just to "test" the recent break out, but notice the SPX...

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We may need a little more information to know the short term direction in various sectors, since the markets all seem to currently be somewhere on Middle Ground.  Lets take a look at a few charts and you'll see what I mean.

This was the NASDAQ March 3rd -  1st target met - a possible pullback to test the break out or 50sma

NASDAQ march 3

This was the NASDAQ Friday ...

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Jobs report Friday

I dont always do a Friday report if not much has changed since Thursdays report, but with the release of the jobs number , I did want to cover one thing...

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