A Closer Look

OCT 22, 2014  Lets just take a closer look at a few Market details from here... (Apologies, Audio will be back soon)   $GOLD looks so much like those meaningful MAY lows to me. Runs up, tags the 50sma , slam down Then recover. SO I would expect the slam down today.   GOLD OCT 21   Interestingly, GDX looks much more like the meaningful lows in DEC   Read More

Low Risk & Higher Risk

October 20, 2014  There comes a point in every trade where (Hopefully) you get a low risk entry, and then as time moves forward, it becomes a little higher risk to enter, or even higher risk to just hold your current position. We may not be there yet  (As I start writing, futures are up nicely) , but what I am seeing leads me to believe that the Markets MIGHT just be in a bounce and MIGHT make lower lows at some point. I looked at TONS of charts this weekend, and the reversal that most of us bought was indeed a trade-able reversal, but what Now? Lets look at MANY CHARTS and try to get an idea of what is happening.  I will say that at this point ,  anything can happen...its not super clear, and that alone means we are at a slightly higher risk area. I can make the case that Markets could be on the way to making new highs, I can make the case that markets likely will make new lows. Actually Much of it depends on ...    (I apologize, no audio today - sore throat and cracky voice)  : (   The $USD...  Oct 14 - Very strong, but overdone--I was looking for a drop to the 84 area $USD OCT 14   And we have dropped as expected, but theres room for more downside I.M.O.   Read More


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