Where Do I Start?

November 3, 2014    Its hard to know where to start.  As I begin writing (Sunday night ) Gold is testing new lows, The $USD is at new highs,  But I am thinking GOLD may reverse Like ENERGY did!  I really want to keep this simple, but there's nothing simple about the "THINGS" I am seeing, its getting exciting though!  I have so much to say that I have to do the Audio version.    About 98% of the feedback has been that Audio & later Video is the way to go.   Excellent results & feedback, thank you.  I did get a couple of emails saying that for some who do not use computers  much,  they still do not know how to use the audio, and can I still write everything out.   I apologize , but That will not work for this report.  I will try to write 'enough' , but It is going to be too lengthy and it takes me between 3-4 hrs to draw all the charts, upload all the charts, write about the charts, etc. I've already gathered hours of charts to try to explain what I am looking at.    PLEASE- do yourself a favor and follow the instructions on the link and learn to use the audio. It will be a better tool for you too   A QUICK MARKET UPDATE -      and then METALS & ENERGY)  Make sure your volume is turned up  [RIGHT CLICK THIS LINK BELOW open in a new tab-- CLICK "Download" , then click "OPEN".   come back here and follow the charts]   http://www.screencast.com/t/2UN2nptYnq $TRAN   FROM OCT 21  (back in the uptrend) $TRAN 2   As election Tuesday approaches,  I pointed out this ....   Read More


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OCT 30   Quick update  ( I apologize- it has been brought to my attention that the 1st audio post did not come out- I HAVE NOW RE recorded it  Sorry for the inconvenience)   Please RIGHT CLICK the link below -select open in a new tab & another tab will open , look for & click  "DOWNLOAD" Then just click "OPEN" - when you hear my voice, return and follow the charts  New Link   right click here   SPX oct 30   GDX ...   Read More