Not A Lot Of Change

There was no significant change in most of what was covered in yesterdays report.  Draghi is scheduled to speak in London this morning, could his speech change things? It has in the past.  For now, lets just do a review of what we've been looking for.


With a pullback due in the SPX, I drew this possibility yesterday.  We could Tag the 50sma and lower trend line.

SPX 11-9

A reversal yesterday doesn't change the idea that we will still pull back, so I've added the fib #'s.  We could bounce & still drop to the 50sma

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Is A Golden Bounce Coming?

As mentioned in the weekend report, Gold & Silver have been selling off at a very rapid rate, and I think that they should be due for at least a bounce.  I want to take a look at that idea in this report, but first a review of the markets.


The markets don't look bearish, but this possible rising wedge formed by  Nov 4.

SPX 11-4 a

SPX currently- This does not have to drop too far, it could even go sideways.

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Interesting Mixture

From the time of the Fed Meeting to the Jobs report Friday,  we have had a lot of action in the markets.  Action in the markets is what draws our charts, and we have an interesting mixture of charts to examine this weekend, so lets get to the 36 charts that I have prepared  🙂

Lets start with the $USD WKLY.  Nov 4 this looked too legit to quit, but we had to wait for Friday to see if out Dollar break out was real.


$USD - legitimate break out. This could have major implications.

USD 11-6 wkly

Lets look at the Dollar on a daily basis...

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