Time Is Just About Up

Using cycles for 'timing' various sectors of the markets helps us to anticipate when we can expect a possible turn to take place.  True, you get a little leeway of  maybe plus or minus a few days, but sooner or later, we reach the end of that time period.   It seems that we are rapidly approaching the  point where it is Do Or Die time.   Each day that passes this late in Cycle timing brings us  closer to the point where we begin to see clearly how things are going to unfold.  As usual, I have about 20+ charts ,  and at this point I'd like to start with-


GOLD - With the $USD at new highs, GOLD hasn't been hammered down to new lows as one may expect.

$GOLD vs USD  

I posted the above chart in my public report, but it still leaves questions.  Was that a bear flag that would just break down?...

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ENERGY (And A Touch Of miners Update)

Just a quick post today to show you what I will be watching at the close on this 1/2 day of trading, and also what to look at Friday morning when the markets resume trading.   It is noteworthy that OIL sold off again today and OIL is heading back to its lows. Bear Flag?


It's certainly possible that OIL undercuts recent lows. It almost did that today, but notice this ...

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Oh That Light Volume Trading

We had a little bit of selling & volume in The miners today , so instead of a morning report Tuesday, I wanted to post some thoughts tonight. I started getting some questions about things as the day went forward. Nothing wrong with that, it is expected.  I had mentioned possibly seeing light volume holiday trading and by noon, we had some selling in Miners.  I posted this chart Mid-Day  before the selling really started to escalate, to point out some similarities to a prior sell off .


  Selling increased from that point on, so what Now?

  GDX DEC 22  

Lets take a closer look at all things cycles and technical analysis ...

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