Looking Ahead

                                                                 Header Photo artwork  credit to RUSH and Hugh Syme MARCH 23, 2014   No one actually predicts with 100% accuracy what the markets will do next, but with a little help from the charts, we may gain some idea of a likely path they'll take. In the last Report the $USD "Popped" and I mentioned that it may pause when it got to the 50sma & go sideways (Chart 1), before resuming higher. So far - that is playing out (Chart 2). What could that mean...? $USD$USD as expected Read More

Fast Turns

When the markets turn fast, we have to try to keep pace. Yesterday during the Fed commentary , The U.S. Dollar took a sharp turn, and Equities, Treasuries, Commodities and so on were shaking it up a bit too. Lets Start with the dollar... $USD Read More

Seeing signs of strength

After some beautiful runs in Steel stocks , they took a rest and some thought that Steels strength was over. It seems that the Large run up just needed to take a healthy breather and consolidate some gains ,so lets see where they are now.  We'll start with AKS AKS Read More

Reversals of fortune?

We have a FED MTG directly ahead of us , should we even be looking at the volatile Precious metals? Well, I wont recommend anything, but I need to point out some nice looking reversals...lets start with PAAS PAAS REVERSAL  March 18   Read More

Update : CPE March 18

Buying CPE @ $6.60 has paid off rather nicely . The CPE update here http://www.chartfreak.com/2014/03/13/cpe/#more-95  showed that the set up was still bullish as it then traded near $8.00. Yesterday & Today it traded around $9...whats next... CPE UPDATE MARCH 18   Read More

GDXJ 4 hr chart

GDXJ has broken inside the triangle on increasing volume, using a 4hr chart . (Click to enlarge)


More downside would seem likely  (Especially a close inside)


I've been asked what I see with the selling in GDXJ / GDX today. - I can view it in a few different ways, so lets start with the daily -( Is it just a simple "test" of the break out & 10sma ?) GDXJ  daily  March 17   Read More

Two stocks appealing

I'm Still liking Rare Earth set ups( See  QRM, AVL, REE,MCP ) as mentioned in a prior post. They have "Based out" and look to be moving above( and some have finding support above) their Moving averages . I also like some of the energy stocks like AXAS , MNGA, & a few others are starting to look good. Let me highlight 2 stocks and why I like them.  SHLO  and MNGA Read More

AAU Important update

I wanted to quickly review a possible change in the way AAU looks. It may have gone from "Bullish" to "Caution" , please read on... Read More


Noticed some reversals in RARE EARTHS today.  They look oversold and seem to be “BASING”. see  AVL, QRM, REE, MCP

MCP  as an example