I just wanted to post this before the close

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Not Much Has Changed

This week is usually a lighter volume  / traders going on vacation - holiday week of trading. Not much has changed from Fridays report.  Things really have to play out further to confirm our expectations or to change them. In other words...not much has changed.  We experienced another peoriod of selling similar to what we had in Oct. Many twondered if the Sell off would end the year ugly and then suddenly ,  right on time ...


QQQ wkly


Its a strong reversal on a weekly basis and take a look at the next chart...

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Its Triple Witching Friday

Today is triple witching and that can increase volatility and volumes.  The first hour tends to see the volatility, and by  the last hour the total day volume increases become evident.  If you are long the markets , you'll be happy to know that  usually there is a bullish bias to Decembers triple witching activity.  Nothing is guaranteed, so We'll have to wait and see.


SPX hit that lower target and reversed as seen here


As shown yesterday  on the charts that I had drawn up for QQQ, IWC, IWM, RUT and so on, these markets are being bought at targets  as that BUY THE DIPS mantra continues

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Survived Another Fed Wednesday Storm

Just as I mentioned in the Wednesday morning report, The Fed Wednesday Storm was enough to more than Rock The Boat.  If you watched the action from 2 P.M. to market close , the name of the game was Volatility. Remember though, sometimes the storms wash the landscape clean and we see the light of a new day, and today lets discuss the beauty of what might be...

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In the past I have found that either on Fed Wednesday or Follow Through Thursday much of the analysis, whether it's using cycles, Tech Analysis, Fundamentals, etc -  is both correct for a short time, then wrong for a short time, then correct again, then wrong again, and then the true direction that is going to hold finally seems to take hold.  So for today ....

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I noticed something of interest in ENERGY today and wanted to try to post here

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Gold started to dip down, rather fast yesterday, but please dont misunderstand. GOLD  did not 'fail' in our expectations. It is getting a little whip-saw action pre-Fed, but it hasnt done an epic fail like out friend above.  Let me explain.

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GOLD Daily Cycle low

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Weekend Update

Another week has come and gone, lets do a review and see what it may tell us we might expect going into the next week of trading.

That was a fast week of selling in the $SPX , wasn't it?  : )


I had pointed out the first area of support last week and we already arrived there Friday...

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The larger View

  The Big Picture .  Its important to your investing to know what you're looking at, each piece  big  and Small together.  Why? Sometimes it can help us to be patient and wait for the best trade set ups, other times it gives us confidence that our trade ideas will have positive follow through or minimal downside risk. Both are important as we watch the movement in the markets unfold. Well,  Today is Friday and not a whole lot has changed from the report yesterday, so I want to do a quick review and after today we can do a weekend report that may shed even more light on things.

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