Grand Designs

I dont always need to know 'How?' or 'Why?' it happens.  Just like the formation of this flower, grand designs and patterns grow and develop within the markets cycles and within nature.  We watch and  wait for things to play out and right on time, we get our completed Grand Designs. Lets watch how things are playing out...


I'm starting with the USD today.  In the weekend report,  I mentioned that I didn't really expect the USD reversal to get too far.


2 days ago we found ourselves on day 8 of the daily cycle. Expecting that it should become L.T. and roll over, we pointed out the 200sma as possible resistance. The chart looks bullish, so will that pattern of being a L.T. Daily cycle play out?

USD 8-30

USD - Thursday we saw the USD drop pretty hard and even lose the 50sma again.  We'll see what happens after the JOBS REPORT FRIDAY. This $USD drop bottomed Gold. All we need is a little follow through. 

USD 9-1 a

USD LONGER TERM VIEW -  Even if the JOBS report gave the USD another burst higher, I do not see it taking out the overhead trend line.

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Same Old Song And Dance – So Far

Fridays jobs report may change a few things, but so far the charts are showing the same old song and dance...


SPX -  Not much change here (I added a Thursday candle and a Friday candle as a possibility of tagging the 50sma).Jobs report Friday may give us our directional move. Many expect this to burst higher and run, but at this point, the Vix Chart looks rather bullish.

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