Strong Bulls

We've been seeing some strong Bulls running in 2016, and I dont think that the show is over yet. That is great news, lets take a look in our weekend review...


SPX - We've seen a break out to new all time highs and a sideways consolidation for weeks.

SPX 7 30 d  

SPX WKLY - Possible back test or it may just break out higher. If it just keeps going sideways and dips down into a dcl, the back test could occur then too. We'll watch it as it plays out.

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Friday Thoughts

Yes, I liked that picture so much that I decided to carry it forward to Friday.  PLUS, I'm still waiting for the recent purchases to really run strongly 🙂 .  Some of our stocks were green Thursday, even though Gold and the GDX sold off. Lets discuss our markets for a brief Friday report and then review Miners.  This is the last trading day of the week, so there is not a lot of new things to say.



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And They’re Off

Hang on, They're running again!


I 'm going to skip the general markets and get right to Oil and  Precious Metals. Why? This is a chart from yesterday, and again, nothing has changed.

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July 27th – Another Fed Wednesday

Waiting on Fed Wednesday to see if there will be any special reaction is getting old  🙂


SPX - This was after Mondays trading, we could see a drop or just continue sideways.

SPX 7-25  

Not much changed , huh?

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The Big Drop

Sometimes what looks and feels like a big drop turns out to just be a small dip in the action. I think that we are seeing that in Gold and Miners now. We'll discuss that after a brief market review.


SPX - I've been expecting a small dip here, possibly back testing the break out after a measured move finishes.  That may or may not happen. A sideways consolidation can also act as pause before continuing higher.

SPX 7-25

SPX - Holding the 10sma is bullish in a run out of the ICL. Temporarily breaking below it and recovering is fine too, I'm just pointing out the recent strength here. 

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July 22 Weekend Report

I hope everyone is enjoying a nice relaxing weekend, lets review the markets and discuss our expectations for the coming week.


SPX - The break out that I expected after seeing the 3 white soldiers pattern is in play. Breaking to new all time highs get price above resistance, so a small sideways consolidation may be all that is needed before price continued higher. I expected a back test of the break out based on the VIX being below 12, so that still may happen.

SPX 7-22

SPX WEEKLY - I know someone that is trading ( holding)  UPRO and TQQQ as a result of me pointing out the 3 white soldiers, and they are doing very well. Congrats!  I didn't take that trade.  The VIX is quite low at 12, leverage at this point may be a bit too much. Use caution.

SPX 7-22 wkly

Lets look at the NASDAQ...

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Fridays Check List

Tonights report is going to be a great lesson on how we can view things as the markets ebb and flow , breathing in and out.  We're at the end of the week and we saw a little selling in Precious metals Wednesday followed by an immediate reversal Thursday. Does that reversal mean that the selling is over? We will look at a number of things that help to give us confirmation as to whether a short term low is either in, or may not be in place yet.  Also buying the dips tips.


WTIC -  First a chart of oil, since many do ask about the energy sector that we were trading over a month ago. We had a reversal Wednesday, but I pointed out that I still see weakness going forward.  Patience is needed here. 

WTIC 7-20  

WTIC -  That reversal vanished  on Thursday.  This needs to prove itself, and it is still proving to be weak.


Now on to Precious Metals...

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July 20 – A Miner Dip

Wednesday we saw the Miners (GDX, GDXJ)  gap down and close near the lows on fairly high volume. What can we expect going forward? We'll discuss that after a quick market review. 


SPX- The general markets broke to new highs and since there is no resistance here, they have just continued higher.  I do expect a dip soon, maybe this measured move will be close enough? 

SPX 7-20

3 reasons that I am expecting a dip...

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July 20 – Focus

I want to FOCUS on a few things in this report

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July 19th – Expectations

Not a whole lot has changed since the weekend report, so lets just do a quick review and then discuss our expectations.


SPX - As expected

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