TUESDAY SEPT 23, 2014   Just wanted to share just a few quick snapshots of some what I am watching lately.


ZNGA – Chart from yesterday, but its the same today. Tight stop below 50sma  (Thx Cheri)




 More charts ….



I have been discussing JRJC for wks for many reasons . Look at the weekly yesterday.  It could be a great reversal


JRJC Sept 23


Mentioned JRJC like this before- shows potential





HGSH    also mentioned before-  I’m watching a possible break from the descending wedge to hold. 50sma DID hold.




NQ – TWEETED this chart Sept 17 , will add todays



TODAY NQ –popping


NQ  Sept 23


MBLY Sept 11–   Noted that it  had great strength since IPO-  buy pullback




MBLY – Now after pullback


MBLY sept 23



Lastly, I was asked about Sprint today .  I had covered sprint before its recent run up…a trader G-Bones mentioned it under $6.  Then it ran up like this




Today it has pulled back to the 50sma. Would I buy it here?  I would wait and see what it wants to do first. WHY?

Because even though it sits on the 50sma right now,  the 50sma is  sloping down and Sprint Could ‘stay above it’, but continue to ride it down to $6.25  (50% re-trace) or 61.8% near $6

I’d wait to see what it wants to do first.


S updated sept 23


Just a quick snapshot of a few ideas – of course there are more out there , so   Happy trading all!

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