Explosive Energy

Those who've know me know that we've bought Energy Stocks successfully off and on since last summer. Clean Energy, Green Energy , Nat Gas, Solars, Oil, etc have been On Fire (No pun intended?)   For newer readers, I want to post MANY visuals for you to see what has been happening recently, and then all will better understand what I am looking at when I post 'Energy Stocks that I am currently watching '.  FIRST: Just notice the recent action in these energy stocks- WG   PQ Read More

I didnt plan on talking about Gold & Miners but…

March 27, 2014     Yesterday I got a few emails asking what I thought about the meltdown in Miners. I cant say it wasnt expected, but I can say it was faster and steeper than I expected. On March 20th , we saw a "THRUST" in the price of Miners, but it quickly failed and broke below our consolidation triangle.  That means further downside....However I thought we would get a "TEST" of the Triangle and then continue down as seen in this chart of GDX from March 20   GDX March 20   The "TEST" was QUICK (Intraday) and the drop has been fast and on High volume, as seen in Todays chart.     GDX March 26   How far will it drop? Are we at support?  Is selling done? And  IS that an Inverse H&S forming?   Read More

Just a couple of Trade ideas

March 25, 2014    Today I just wanted to look at a couple of charts that look to have decent low risk set ups.   Low risk, of course, means that if one enters a trade, they also know where to set stops (according to each ones "risk parameter") , and if the stock doesnt do what we thought it would from here,  exit and re-assess. Please use stops.  I still like all of the set ups on our STEEL STOCKS and I still own   X and AKS , They probably will not move straight up, but they are still acting correctly and may be forming the right side of a CUP AKS MARCH 25 Here are a few other ideas... Read More

Looking Ahead

                                                                 Header Photo artwork  credit to RUSH and Hugh Syme MARCH 23, 2014   No one actually predicts with 100% accuracy what the markets will do next, but with a little help from the charts, we may gain some idea of a likely path they'll take. In the last Report the $USD "Popped" and I mentioned that it may pause when it got to the 50sma & go sideways (Chart 1), before resuming higher. So far - that is playing out (Chart 2). What could that mean...? $USD$USD as expected Read More

Fast Turns

When the markets turn fast, we have to try to keep pace. Yesterday during the Fed commentary , The U.S. Dollar took a sharp turn, and Equities, Treasuries, Commodities and so on were shaking it up a bit too. Lets Start with the dollar... $USD Read More

Seeing signs of strength

After some beautiful runs in Steel stocks , they took a rest and some thought that Steels strength was over. It seems that the Large run up just needed to take a healthy breather and consolidate some gains ,so lets see where they are now.  We'll start with AKS AKS Read More

Reversals of fortune?

We have a FED MTG directly ahead of us , should we even be looking at the volatile Precious metals? Well, I wont recommend anything, but I need to point out some nice looking reversals...lets start with PAAS PAAS REVERSAL  March 18   Read More

Update : CPE March 18

Buying CPE @ $6.60 has paid off rather nicely . The CPE update here http://www.chartfreak.com/2014/03/13/cpe/#more-95  showed that the set up was still bullish as it then traded near $8.00. Yesterday & Today it traded around $9...whats next... CPE UPDATE MARCH 18   Read More

GDXJ 4 hr chart

GDXJ has broken inside the triangle on increasing volume, using a 4hr chart . (Click to enlarge)


More downside would seem likely  (Especially a close inside)


I've been asked what I see with the selling in GDXJ / GDX today. - I can view it in a few different ways, so lets start with the daily -( Is it just a simple "test" of the break out & 10sma ?) GDXJ  daily  March 17   Read More